Moonshine Saloon- Western Cocktail Bar


Location : Moonshine Saloon

  • London, , 535 Kings Road
  • 12-10-2020 to 30-11--0001
  • 06:30 - 22:00
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Inspired by the captivating tales of the Wild West and its undercover operations, Moonshine Saloon is truly a one-of-a-kind immersive cocktail bar.

Visitors will be transported from the streets of West London to the streets of the Wild West, before experiencing life inside Moonshine Saloon. It is important y'all don’t attract the wrong attention in the West so the local Tailors will ensure you look the part with your very own Stetson Hat and more!

If you bring some liquor, y'all sure be let into the Saloon! Once inside, chance your luck at card and dice games, exchange tales of the West and enjoy personalised cocktails made by an expert mixologist using your moonshine.

If y'all avoid the Law as a Moonshiner in the Saloon, check out the Wild West's General Store and purchase refreshments for your remaining time in the West!