Time Management Course - 19th May 2021 - Impact Factory London


  • 19-05-2021
  • 10:00 - 17:00
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  • One Day Course: GBP 495.0
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This time management course will give you the insight you need to efficiently and effectively manage your time.

You'll find out which time management issues apply to you and put together a plan designed to help you improve.

Course Objectives:

* Exploring Time Management Issues
* Planning and Prioritising Work
* Setting Clear Goals
* Minimising Wasted Time
* Distractions in the Workplace
* Avoiding Being Deflected
* Getting Your Priorities Right
* Self-Motivation
* Unexpected Time Stealers
* Tools and Techniques
* Effective Delegation
* How to Say 'No'

What Our Delegates Say:

"I really enjoyed the course. Finally, I'm able to breakdown the bigger projects into smaller tasks and set deadlines for each one. I'm actually making headway and I don't feel that have a huge project hanging over me."

Lucy Rossiter - Sales & Marketing Consultant - Abercrombie & Kent

"I went into the day with a clear idea of what I wanted to change without knowing how to do it and left with a treasure chest of new ideas to manage my time easily and effectively. Thank you again!"

Lexi Campbell - Membership & Events Manager - APG

"Impact Factory's time management course was life-changing for the better, I am extremely glad I invested just one day to learn and discover how to become significantly more efficient".

Robert Desmond - CFO - StoryTerrace

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Venue details: Impact Factory | Professional Development | Training and Courses, 52 Upper Street, Greater London, N1 0QH, United Kingdom

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