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How do we create a dynamic agriculture that produces high-quality products at reasonable cost to consumers, yet provides wealth for farmers, and regenerates soil and nature? You are part of the answer.

When we, as consumers, make informed choices about what we eat and wear, we can actually change the story of the soil, water, and biodiversity of the British Isles.

Daniela Howell, CEO of Savory Institute explains:

'We all play a part, through the choices of what we eat, to send a signal to the marketplace. We want to eat a product that regenerates our soil, our climate, and our social fabric. The same with what we wear. This is what we'll be exploring and unveiling in the conversations we'll have at this gathering.'

You see, every family needs a farmer, and likewise, every farmer needs many families to support them in regenerating soil and nature.

Our aim with this global conference is to bring together innovative farmers, consumers, and companies to support each other in laying the foundation for the remaking of the meat, dairy, wool and leather supply chains into a regenerative supply ecosystem. In so doing, we meet the needs of today's world, whilst influencing the future.

Regenerative farmers Graham Harvey and Rebecca Hosking open the day, followed by case studies and workshops on quality food and fibre for a healthy lifestyle, and a novel approach to farmer succession through 'land partnerships'.

We preview a 2017 programme, that verifies products are made from regenerating soil, offers farmers better access to markets, and likewise, helps manufacturers and consumers gain access to regenerative raw materials and products.

Dinner and keynote speaker end the day.

5-12 November, 2-day and 8-day courses in Holistic Management. Holistic Management offers a decision-making and planning framework that takes into account economic, social and environmental considerations, and can turn wicked problems into wealth-generating solutions.

Conference Early Bird Ticket Price (Available until 8th of October): GBP 85.00
Conference Regular Ticket Price (After 8th of October): GBP 95.00
Dinner Early Bird Ticket Price (Available until 8th of October): GBP 49.00
Dinner Regular Ticket Price (After 8th of October): GBP 55.00
2-Day Foundations Training of Holistic Management (5-6 November 2016): GBP 180
8-Day Comprehensive Training in Holistic Management (5-12 November 2016): GBP 840

Speakers: Allan Savory, Graham Harvey, Rebecca Hosking MBE, Caroline Watson, Chris Tattersall, Chris Cook, Christopher Cooke, Sheila Cooke

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