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Vision board and Visualisation Workshop – Birmingham

Learn how to create powerful vision boards and bring your dreams to life. Reset your goals and intentions with powerful vision boards and Visualisation techniques.

Start your new year with a bang!

Represent your dreams and goals on your very own vision board with pictures, affirmations, keywords, and emotions!

Visualise your reality to being it your current reality.

Learn the secrets of manifestation techniques that you can adopt in your everyday life.

Let this New Year bring you new beginnings, new hopes, and a new knowledge of the working principles of the universe.


Here’s the highlight of what to expect:

🎶 Welcome with Singing Bowl and Frankincense

🧲 Introduction to Law of Attraction, Law of vibration, and manifestation techniques

🖼️ Vision board workshop

💬 Affirmation Workshop

💭 Visualisation technique practice

🌈 Chakra lunch, ☕🫖

All materials for the vision board are also included.


What to bring?

Please bring a pen and paper to take notes; and some pictures of your memorable moments and what you would like to manifest.


We’ve curated beautiful hand-made bags with manifestation goodies, including Manifestation Journal and Bedtime Prompts (cards) for you to buy.

About me:

I am Pallavi Prasad, an award-winning manifestation, mindset, and mindfulness coach; author of revolutionary ‘Bedtime Prompts’; Reiki and Pranic healer.

I have been featured on Sky TV – channel 711, BBC CWR, Coventry Observer; magazines such as Soul and Spirit, Spirit and Destiny, and Fierce Truths.

Follow me on my social media for inspirational content:

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Vision board and Visualisation Workshop - Birmingham
illimitable Spaces, Avebury House, 55 Newhall Street BIRMINGHAM, B3 3RB.
13/01/2024 – 13/01/2024
11:00 – 13:30

GBP £50

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