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Evening of Clairvoyance with Real Life Psychic Detective Julie Angel!

Investigate Real Life Psychic Detective Julie Angel's sixth sense and evidential mediumship skills at this jaw dropping evening of clairvoyance!!

Exactly how did Julie Angel become a real life psychic detective? How did she use her abilities in the police service to prevent and detect crime? Why did her Sergeant think she had an unregistered informant because she was always in ‘”the right place at the right time”, saved three peoples lives AND had an uncanny ability to find missing people and pets with fighter pilot like precision? How come she left the service to become a full time psychic medium of TV, Radio and National Press fame? More to the point, what can she tell about YOU and YOUR future – and where does the information she relays to you come from?

Investigate all this and more at this exclusive night at Worcestershire’s Premier Entertainment Venue!

Julie Angel explains how she can communicate with the afterlife with evidential mediumship. She explains how she uses her innate clairvoyant ability to predict the future. She will demonstrate live on stage how time travel is possible with a public demonstration of evidential psychic mediumship.

Julie Angel otherwise known as a street psychic and real life psychic detective will blow you away tonight . She is of America and Canada’s Close Up Television, SKY tv, ITV, BBC1, Channel 4, Kerrang, BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, and national press fame. Julie gives a brief introduction to all things paranormal and how she does her work. Julie then gives messages of a psychic and evidential mediumistic nature to people in the audience (which she will explain on the night)and allows time for questions towards the end. This is a lighthearted evening suitable for believers and sceptics alike! Have you ever wondered? Well now is an excellent chance to find out!

Are you prepared to unveil the so called ‘unexplained’? Are you open to paranormal and supernatural ability minded? Do you have unanswered questions about events in your own life you wish you could understand? Do you, yourself get a ‘feel’ for people, places and circumstances without knowing why? Then this evening is definitely for YOU!

Don’t miss the first of it’s kind event by Julie Angel, who still to this day is called upon to helps investigate unexplained events and find missing people and pets! This event is likely to sell out fast – so book now to avoid disappointment!

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As seen in the Red Magazine, Woman’s Own, Heat magazine, Wales in Action, The Sun Newspaper, News of the World, The Sunday people, Chat its Fate and Fortune, Take a Break it’s Fate, Psychic News, the Daily Star, Coventry Observer, and so many more!

Book tickets now to guarantee entry, save money and avoid disappointment. Or, chance it on the door £20 cash only and strictly subject to availability.

By law ALL psychics, mediums and healers have to declare their work as a form of entertainment

Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/1573622-0?pid=4231

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Evening of Clairvoyance with Real Life Psychic Detective Julie Angel!
4-5 Oxford Street, Kidderminster, England, DY10 1BB, United Kingdom
27/04/2023 – 27/04/2023
19:30 – 22:30

GBP 12.00

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