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Last Minute Theatre Tickets in London—What’s the Best Way to Buy?

If you are looking to buy last minute theatre tickets in London, there would be a couple of challenges involved. Firstly, since there is very little time at your disposal, tickets may have been sold out completely. Secondly, landing best rates for tickets at the last moment might also prove to be arduous. Of course, there are a slew of sources you can try for the best suited deals. However, opting to buy online proves to be the most preferred among all.

Purchasing from the Box Office

Buying your discount theatre tickets for London based shows from the box office counter, could also be an option. However, there are some restrictions you would have to conform to. For example, box offices would be functional at specific timings during the day. You need to make yourself available around these times. If traveling all the way to the box office is a problem, calling is also an option.

However, box office telephone lines are terminally busy and getting through, especially at the last minute, could be quite a hurdle to overcome. Quite often, box office telephone lines could also trip over to a ticketing agent. So, you call up the box office and end up speaking to an agent. In case you aren’t keen on buying from an agent, the entire exercise could prove to be futile.

Buying From Ticket Booths

Buying from booths would also involve travel. Besides, ticket booths would not be selling tickets for all shows that are currently scheduled. So availability could be a problem. Also in most cases, you may not be able to choose your seating positions when you buy from booths. You would have to settle with what’s available.

Buying your cheap theatre tickets for London shows online, is therefore a far better option. You need not spend hours traveling and waiting for your calls to get through. Time restrictions mostly wouldn’t apply. You can land the seats of your choice and crack some of the most cost effective deals possible, for last minute transactions. Therefore, you can avail of a deal where convenience, choice and savings, are all clubbed into one!

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