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Evolving the Bio base – Post Carbon Natural Materials talks – Straw evening

An evening of talks on building with straw, with Craig White, from Agile Homes, and inventor of Modcell, Phil Christopher, Huff n Puff builders and via Zoom Bjorn Kierelf, from Slovakia's Ecococon

The first of the Evolving the Bio base evenings is an opportunity to hear, learn and get up-to-the-minute insights from some of the main players in straw construction, the increasingly popular post-carbon natural material. an evening showcasing both traditional and industrial straw building and materials, dedicated to straw in construction, both traditional and industrial.


Craig White – Agile Homes – White has been at the forefront of developing straw in construction for over twenty years, with his Bristol based architecture and design studio, White Design, which delivered over a hundred projects, including many schools, community infrastructure and the ground-breaking Co-Housing project, LILAC. During this period he developed the Modcell straw-timber cassette system, in partnership with the University of Bath, which went on to be used in many of the White Design projects.

Today, White heads up Agile, a hydra-headed homes, building, and RandD studio set up, which has developed the TAM (short for the heftier Transportable Accommodation Module) using the new and improved Agile TAM straw insulation panels and buildings.

Phil Christopher, Huff and Puff Construction – Christopher is a straw bale builder, and recently completed the Hastings Bale House visitor centre, the first publically-procured straw bale building in the South east, and probably Britain, and one of the major pan-European UP STRAW research projects. He’ll be talking about the Bale House and other straw bale building projects.

Bjorn Kierelff – from Slovakia by Zoom – EcoCocon and Createrra – Kierrelf has been involved in continental straw in construction for many years, including co-founding Createrra, a Slovakian architectural studio focused on passivhaus straw insulated buildings across Europe, using Ecococon straw panels. In 2021 Kierrulf and colleagues took over the running of EcoCocon.

Kierrelf will be speaking from – and giving an over-the-internet tour of – Createrra’s Slovakian studio, the first ever load bearing straw dome (designed and built by the alternative German natural materials architect, Gernot Minke as part of a participatory design and make workshop.)

This will be a unique evening in highlighting the potential of straw as a 21st century zero carbon building material.

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Evolving the Bio base - Post Carbon Natural Materials talks - Straw evening
10 High Street, Lewes, England, BN7 2AD, United Kingdom
02/06/2023 – 02/06/2023
19:30 – 21:00

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