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Advanced Presentation Course – 17th April 2024 – Impact Factory London

Advanced Presentation Skills Course Refresh and enhance your skills to make your presentations memorable and inspiring

This advanced presentation course is designed to throw experienced presenters into the deep end.

It will help you raise the bar from good to great.

You will try out a variety of techniques to see which are the best fit for your personal style.

Course Objectives:

* Creating Key Messages
* Refreshing Current Skills
* Present to Large or Small Groups
* Tailor Delivery for Different Audiences
* High Stake Presentations
* Creative Approaches
* Refreshing Old Material
* Increase Confidence
* Handle Awkward Situations
* Getting Wrong-Footed
* Engaging Your Audience
* Going Off Piste
* Powerful use of PowerPoint
* Ways of Preparing
* Unfamiliar Material
* Challenging Questions

What Our Delegates Say:

“From the facility, logistics, small class size, and content to the superb trainers who were way more than trainers but true experts and mentors. All aspects were perfect. I gained tremendous insights and value as to how to improve my own presentations, delivery, presence and interactions with my audience.”

Oren Seliger – IT Theater Leader – EMEAR South Cisco

“Over the years I have attended plenty of trainings and seminars. This is the first time that I can honestly say that I felt I could put the skills to use right away, and I have done to great effect!”…

Mark Anderson – Head of Marketing Company – Go-Ahead Group plc

“Presentation is 80% preparation (where Impact Factory made the difference).
The course helped me prepare for my presentation in front of 250 people when undertaking the training”

Eva Orro – Sales Excellence Manager – YARA


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One Day Course: GBP 595.00

Advanced Presentation Course - 17th April 2024 - Impact Factory London
52 Upper Street, London, N1 0QH, United Kingdom
17/04/2024 – 17/04/2024
10:00 – 17:00

GBP 595.00

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