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User reviews
Posted by Jefferson, 18-November-2007
Firstly I would like to say that I think that Metro allowing themselves to be reviewed is like staring down the barrel of a gun screaming for the trigger to be pulled! And to be honest? after my experience? I am more than happy to be the one to pull it!

So, the irony being that I came across this apparently ?acclaimed? club through the listings in a well know London social magazine. Thus, I hope that this review may just help rescue what could end up being a disastrous deflating night out that would clearly indicate to your friends, peers and social goers that you can not organize a simple night out with your chums (this is advice from a scorned individual, suffering the embarrassment).

So you must be asking yourselves ?what could they have possibly done to upset this clearly distressed individual??

Well? let me tell you!

I was organizing a birthday night out for 25+ of us (a small yet profitable number for a small establishment like Metro). Anyway as I was saying, I made two detailed phone calls finding out prices at the door

?do we have to pay to see the band and then go into the club??

?no sir, that?s ONLY ON FRIDAYS)?,

?cool so if we turn up before half ten its ?6 for the night??


?cool so see you at ten, oh? and how much are drinks?? (I was doing my research).

So upon arriving at TEN (half an hour early with 30 people, they tried charging us ?8 per person and then telling us that we would then have to pay again (wait for it) in ONLY ONE HOURS TIME to get into the club, something I was categorically told that we wouldn?t have to do!


?But you said?.?

(The door lady)

?Yea, it changes some times, but if you don?t like it doesn?t bother us WE DON?T NEED YOUR CUSTOM)

Clearly she hasn?t grasped the concept there her job is based and paid for by our custom (never mind, one day my dear).

The rest is history I tried speaking the manager to explain the embarrassing, misleading, and rude service that we have received and whether they had the business savvy insight to seize the opportunity of money and reputation. (This was in a civil manner on the phone may I add) TO ONLY BE HUNG UP ON.

Clearly you can see where they get there very hospitable attitude from that they have no insight to the fact that they just turned down 30 people on their own door step and patted them on the back with a ?Oh please do tell every one you know about your truly memorable experience with us? (don?t worry my friend, I shall make sure of it!)

So there you have it, Club Metro based in the bosom of an industry where service, reputation and hospitality are critical to its future, performing at its very best most weeknights. Please speak to the door staff or management for more info, I?m sure they will fill in the gaps. Oh and to those who may think of playing a gig there, think twice, your fans may only be able to make it to the door step.

I hope that this has helped you in your research into Londons Metro Club.