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Communication Skills Course – 15/16th January 2024 – Impact Factory London

Communication Skills Course - two day Learn The Secrets Of Effective Communication! Gain Real Insight! Interact With More Confidence! This is a Hybrid Course taking place at Impact Factory.

Find out what gets in the way of you being an effective communicator on our communication skills course.

Learn a variety of tools and techniques to help you improve.

This communications training course is for anyone who is required to demonstrate a good level of communication skills in their day to day work.

It’s a practical, fun-filled two days, packed with exercises, games, discussion and practice.

Course Objectives:

* Understanding how Communication Works
* Gaining Active Listening and Responding Skills
* Managing Conversations more Effectively
* Identifying Your Own Strengths
* Building Confidence
* Body Language and Non-Verbal Cues
* Communicating Harmoniously With Others
* Filling up your Communications Tool Kit
* Expanding your Options in Difficult Situations
* Practising New Skills Successfully

What Our Delegates Say:

“The course was excellent. The structure and teaching methods really worked well. Unlike other courses, I feel that I’ve instantly learned some tools that improve my confidence in communication!”

Nicholas Faulkner – Engineer – Eversholt Rail Group

“I found the course incredibly helpful for practising new communication techniques. It’s all well and good to understand the theory of communication – but the hard bit is really in putting the theory into practice.”

Isabella – Associate – Global Innovation Fund

“10 out of 10. I had a great couple of days on the Communications Course with Dom and Naina. I found it really insightful and have since been putting the course content into practice”.

David Lomax – Account Manager – Virtual IT


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Two Day Course: GBP 995.00

Communication Skills Course - 15/16th January 2024 - Impact Factory London
52 Upper Street, London, N1 0QH, United Kingdom
15/01/2024 – 16/01/2024
10:00 – 17:00

GBP 995.00

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