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 Ron Bolt, Brigitte Polemis, Neil Douglas, Philip Munoz

Ron Bolt, Brigitte Polemis, Neil Douglas, Philip Munoz
Albemarle Gallery
49 Albemarle Street
W1S 4JR London

13.6.2013 - 29.6.2013

Time: -

Web: www.albemarlegallery ...

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Philip Munoz

13 Jun - 29 Jun 2013


Philip Munoz is particularly concerned with the idea of beauty through transformation. This interest is channeled into his stylish portraits of attractive young women, adorned with tattoos and piercings. His fascination for city life is exemplified by his exceptional still-lives that cleverly capture the seduction and glamour of high-street window displays. A voyeuristic and passing gaze into a shop window, meticulously rendered in oil. These depictions of mass-produced objects of desire play on the relationship between commodity fetishism and hyperrealist painting.


Ron Bolt | Salt Water | Primal Light 

13 Jun - 29 Jun 2013 


Like many of us, Ron Bolt observes the degradation and destruction of the environment with growing alarm. ‘We are quite possibly living in the twilight of the natural world as we have known it. In that regard, my work is an act of preservation. To preserve the natural world is to preserve a language of the wind and shifting light, of stillness, silence and space.’ 


Brigitte Polemis | Just a Number

13 Jun - 29 Jun 2013


Urban spaces inhabited by faceless men in suits arranged in rows, circular formations, spirals, or overlapping layers as repeated motifs: these are the key features in the new group of works presented by Brigitte Polemis under the title “Just a Number”. Yet, although specified by their general title as works commenting on the dehumanisation of man in western industrialised societies, they seem however to strangely defy their ‘inhuman’ message, engaging the viewer in what one increasingly understands to be the imagery of the poetics of a world where man and machine have long been reconciled.


Neil Douglas 

13 Jun - 29 Jun 2013 


I am looking at the influence of photography and film in my painting, placing a greater emphasis on sketching and observations from life. Using my earlier works as the starting point of my research, I am leaving behind aspects of hyper-realistic representation, whilst maintaining its disciplines, with the aim of finding a fresh stylistic language capable of incorporating modern technologies without relying on them.

Ron Bolt, Brigitte Polemis, Neil Douglas, Philip Munoz


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