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Personal Impact Course – 7th December 2023 – Impact Factory London

Personal Impact Course How Do People See You? How Are Perceptions Made? Start Making the Impact You Choose! This is a Hybrid Course taking place at Impact Factory's training suite in London.

This personal impact course is devoted to understanding how you impact on others.

Personal Impact training includes key elements of our communication, presentation, assertiveness and influencing programmes.

It’s designed to bring these elements together to give you a real experience of the Impact you make and how to choose the Impact you want.

The emphasis is on creating insight, increasing confidence and raising self-esteem.

Course Objectives:

* How ‘Making an Impact’ Works
* Your Impact on Others
* Feeling and Assumptions
* Why Things can go Wrong
* Improving Your Impact
* Rules and Conventions
* Speaking Your Mind
* Verbal and Non-Verbal
* Personal Boundaries

What Our Delegates Say:

“I feel ready to tackle things such as saying no and pushing back where necessary, so definitely a big help! I was impressed that we managed to tackle the majority of what everyone wanted to despite the wide range of areas!”

Jaye Nozarick – Operations Analyst – Elexon

“This has got to be the best course I’ve been on! I feel I am ‘ARMED’ and ready to make a step-change improvement in my personal communication style.”

Mark Andrews – Planning Manager – Natures Way Foods

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to you. I really enjoyed the day and appreciated the relaxed environment, room set up, style and delivery. I am now much more aware of peoples perceptions of me.”

Dominic Bain – Regional Manager – Puig



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One Day Course: GBP 550.00

Personal Impact Course - 7th December 2023 - Impact Factory London
52 Upper Street, London, N1 0QH, United Kingdom
07/12/2023 – 07/12/2023
10:00 – 17:00

GBP 550.00

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