Live at The Peer Hat, Manchester

It’s been a long and eventful road for Godsticks since emerging onto the progressive rock scene in 2009. Metal Hammer Magazine called them “the U.K’s most idiosyncratic rock band” and over the years and several albums later, their music became progressively heavier. When the “genre redefining” prog metal masterpiece that was ‘Emergence’ was released in 2015, it garnered them new fans from all over the world and ultimately led to them being signed to Kscope.

Soon followed ‘Faced With Rage’ in 2017 and ‘Inescapable’ in 2020; two more critically acclaimed albums showcasing their chugging guitar riffs, intricate solos and driving rhythm section. Among others, Total Guitar Magazine lauded the band’s “technically astounding prog-metal replete with hooks and melodies.” Also in their last few years of touring, including blistering festival appearances at the likes of Tech Fest, Comendatio and Prog Power Europe, the band have now finally gained recognition as the explosive, high energy live act they’d always threatened to become.

Now Godsticks are showcasing their sixth studio release, titled ‘This Is What A Winner Looks Like’ – another astounding collection of songs highlighting how the band channels their technical ability to create dynamic riffs and emotional depth, in a melting pot of heavy rock, progressive and alternative metal.

14-16 Faraday Street — M1 1BE
01/02/2024 – 01/02/2024
19:30 – 23:00

GBP £12

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