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Nights Out in London — Umpteen Options

If you are a nocturnal animal, nights out in London will have a world to offer. In fact, London is one of the most celebrated and well known destinations across the world for a pulsating nightlife. What’s interesting about things to do in London during nighttime is the sheer variety it provides. You need not be a party hungry, noisy teenager to enjoy the glitzy nightlife in London. There is something here for everyone. All you need at your disposal is a trusted source that would provide complete information on the events scheduled, so that informed choices can be made. The popular activities can broadly be categorized into distinct groups.

Music and Nightclubs

London provides some of the most eclectic night clubs, pubs and dance bars to choose from. You could either prefer the public gatherings or choose to visit one of the more private DJ clubs for some intimate escapades. There is something for the hardcore party animal and also for those yearning to have a quiet conversation over a drink. Traditional pubs exuding an inherent British culture can be found at every nook and corner of the streets as well. If rock and jazz music titillate you, London provides some of the best venues for the same as well.

Opera and Orchestra

If you are more inclined to catch a glimpse of the true British culture, attending one of the operas or orchestra shows could be most suited. London is home to four of the world’s largest orchestras, and surely, there are magnificent shows to savor. Similarly, you could also catch an opera show at the Royal Opera House or the Colisuem.


In case you are a play enthusiast, there are numerous theatre shows to attend during the night time. If you are looking for musicals, new plays or classics for that matter, The National Theatre is the best place to head to. Alternatively, for a more participative experience, you can also head to the Shakespeare’s Globe on the South Bank.

Once you have decided on the things to do in London during nocturnal hours, one of the most important aspects to consider would be to get hold of tickets for shows of your choice. Those tickets can be bought at www.whatshappening.co.uk .

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