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Billy Liar

Will Billy’s dreams forever live in his head?

Billy dreams of escaping his dull job as an undertaker’s assistant and his dreary domestic background in favour of becoming a comedy writer but can he summon up the courage to escape his small-town existence or will Billy’s dreams forever live in his head?

Adapted from the classic novel of the same name, this comedy, set in the 1960’s, follows the exploits of Billy Fisher, a 19-year-old working class boy who spends most of his time indulging in fantasies. Living at home with his dysfunctional family, Billy brings a little colour to his life by telling lies – from trifling and inconsequential ones to huge and compulsive whoppers, which leads to him being simultaneously engaged to two women.


Billy Liar
Greendale Road — CH62 4XB
15/11/2023 – 18/11/2023
19:30 – 22:00
GBP £12.00

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